Friday, August 19, 2011

Big trade coming P5

I am hearing that a BIG trade could be coming this weekend. A team from the East and a team from the West are in EPIC discussions right now.  2 or 3 star players are involved from what I am hearing.  Jamie Benn is NOT involved. The Leafs and Habs may be in on this big trade but do not count out Buffalo, Rangers, Pens, Devils or Caps.  Also the Isles, Flyers and Jets may be talking as well.  In the West...the Avs, Stars, Wings, Blue Jackets, Hawks, Canucks are talking to one another.  They are all on the same phone even and it is causing some confusion.  I called Patrick Kane and gave him money for a cab if he told me some inside Hawks info.  He told me that Toews is on his way out and so is Keith.  The Leafs will be acquiring both these guys for draft picks and prospects.  Burke is also close to acquiring both Crosby and Malkin and he could also get Ovechkin if the dominoes fall properly.  The Leafs are going for broke this year and it's CUP OR BUST.  Are the Leafs this year's Bruins?  More to come...P5

Gary Bettman just called me and told me to tell all of you that the NHL is talking about a brand new 100 game regular season schedule.  Apparently games will be played in Europe as well as Alaska.  Alaska is a big time untapped hockey market and it makes so much sense because they have alot of ice.  A brand new super mega igloo is currently being built right now in Alaska and it could be ready for NHL hockey as soon as December.  Stay tuned...P2

Chris Drury retired today but I am hearing he could be replacing Glen Sather as Rangers GM.  Slats has not won anything in a very long time and can his Rangers really compete with the mighty Flyers?  Drury brings instant credibility to this franchise and I am hearing that his good buddy Peter Forsberg could be signing with the Rangers as a player, coach, GM and part owner.  Has 1 player ever had 4 jobs at the same time?  EPIC.  P1

Drew Doughty WILL be either a Flyer or a Bruin by Labour Day.  Shea Weber WILL be either a Ranger or a Flyer by the day before Labour Day.  Zach Parise will be a Leaf as soon as you are done reading this blog.  It is HIGHLY IMMINENT.  Just because you don't see it on TSN does not mean it didn't happen.  I always break news before TSN.  This is why you give me all your money.  P5

I am hearing that Doug Gilmour could be replacing Ron Wilson as the next head coach of the Leafs.  Stay tuned and more to come later...P5

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Doughty Kopitar's Coffey?

Hi everyone.  I was thinking the other day about Drew Doughty and how he could be the next Paul Coffey.  Anze Kopitar is comparable to Wayne Gretzky.  They both score goals and get assists and are key cogs for their teams. Kopitar is that 'once in a lifetime' player that all GM's would DIE to have on their team.  Coffey once scored 50 goals for the Oilers back in the 80s and I believe Doughty could do the same for the Kings very soon.  I am hearing he could sign a deal today which would be a game changer.  20 years and 200 million is what has been floating around my toilet this morning.  If this happens then the NHL will NEVER be the same again.  P3

Shea Weber has told his closest friends that he does not want to be a Nashville Predator for his entire career.  When he becomes a UFA, he will only play for 3 teams.  The Leafs, Rangers and Flyers are the ONLY teams Weber will even consider playing for.  Is Shea Weber David Legwand's Kevin Lowe?  P2

The Winnipeg Jets are very close to making a HUGE trade with a team from the East.  This could be a game changer in a BIG WAY.  Look for Montreal, Toronto or the Isles here.  Tavares?  It could happen.  Garth Snow wants to improve his team and Tavares could give him a pocket full of gold here.  Andrew Ladd is high on Snow's list.  Where there is smoke there is fire.  I can't say anything more than this because all players, agents and GM's trust me with their lives.  IF a trade happens it will be on Saturday because no one ever goes on the internet on the weekends.  P4

The Red Wings are in serious fire sale mode.  I don't see them making the playoffs at all.  Nashville and Chicago have passed them by in the Central and even St. Louis and Columbus are catching up to them.  Look for both Datsyuk and Zetterberg to be dealt by Christmas.  I am hearing that the Pens, Flyers, Rangers, Habs and Sabres are all interested.  Franzen could be a Penguin as soon as this weekend.  Holland really likes Kunitz.  P2

Are the Flyers this year's Bruins?  Are the Sharks this year's Canucks?  Is Paul Maclean this year's Todd McLellan?  What say you?  More to come...P3