Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parise a Leaf? Doughty for Weber deal close? Stamkos dominoes...Yashin this year's Sundin?

Hi everyone.  I just sun burned my ass in Margate, New Jersey with the fake fam and am now ready to confirm with my toilet all kinds of mega super huge blockbuster rumours.  Zach Parise badly wants out of New Jersey and Lou Lamoriello really wants to get rid of Parise.  Kovalchuk is the main guy now in New Jersey and the sooner Parise can be traded then the better off everyone in the Devils organization will be.  I am hearing the Leafs are the frontrunners in this but do not count out the Sabres.  They have all kinds of Cap space even though their payroll right now is around 100 million dollars.  They could send Ryan Miller down to the AHL and they would be cap compliant.  Then they call him up for the playoffs and win the Cup. Has this ever been done before?  I am hearing Kadri and Schenn would be going to the Devils for Parise but do not be surprised if Phaneuf goes as well.  P3

Drew Doughty and Shea Weber will be traded for one another.  It makes so much sense.  The Kings need a guy like Weber who can blast the puck and scare goalies.  The Preds need a guy like Doughty who can think the game at a much higher level than anyone else ever.  This could be done on the weekend and NHL GM"s love making their trades when no one goes on the internet.  I am also hearing the Leafs, Rangers and Flyers are ready to submit offer sheets to both Weber and Doughty should the Kings-Preds deal falls through.  P2

Steve Stamkos is on the block folks.  Even though he recently signed a new 5 year contract extension, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Stamkos feels disrespected in Tampa and he needs a change of scenery.  I am told that Paul Holmgren has the best trade offer right now.  It is so good that Yzerman may not be able to resist pulling the tirigger.  Briere is most likely involved but so too is Van Riemsdyk.  The Pens may be willing to move Malkin to get Stamkos.  Stammer and Sid together?  Wow that would be so amazing.  It would be the best 1-2 punch ever.  P4

Alexei Yashin's agent, Marc Gandler, just told me that as many as all 30 NHL teams have expressed some kind of interest in signing his client.  I am told that he has narrow it down to 16 teams and that 8 of them are in the East.  The other 8 are in the West with 4 of those teams in the Central and 2 of them in the Pacific.  Detroit is VERY interested as they need to replace Kris Draper.  Draper was pencilled in to be the Wings #1 centre ahead of both Datsyuk and Zetterberg on the depth chart.  P1

Well folks, as I sit here in my Transformers underwear on the beach in Margate, New Jersey...something has occurred to me...the Winnipeg Jets could win the Stanley Cup this year.  I mean if they can score goals and not give up goals then they will be very hard to match up against.  I mean look at Boston.  Who would have thought they could win the Cup?  It may very well happen in Winnipeg.  Good for those die-hard fans who have waited such a long time for NHL hockey to return.  I know when I saved the Nashville Predators that I felt a warm sensation in my heart that I did mankind a big service.  I still feel bad for Billy Joe Jimbob and Crazy Uncle Eddie in Atlanta.  The 2 season ticket holders who had to see their team leave.  Don't worry guys.  Atlanta WILL have an NHL team again within the next 4 years.  I am told they will get a team before Quebec does.  P4

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Peklund is back! New bullshit hockey rumours! P5

Hi folks.  Peklund is back!  I am once again ready to post bullshit hockey rumours for all of you to enjoy.  Or not enjoy.  I don't care!  My success rate is still higher than Eklund's.  Well I will not make you wait any longer!  Lets get to the rumours! 

I just got off my Fisher Price Walkie Talkie with some valued sources of mine.  Now as all of you well know...all players, agents and GM'S trust me with their lives.  So I can tell you something but it may not necessarily mean it will lead to something much bigger I am told.  Shea Weber hates Nashville and they hate him.  Drew Doughty can't wait to not be a King.  The 2 teams have been in SERIOUS talks ever since Draft Day.  A deal was almost done but the Kings pulled out because the Preds wanted Ryan Smyth.  Dean Lombardi ended up trading Smyth back to Edmonton.  But now the Preds really want to rid themselves of Weber and focus on keeping Suter.  So right now I am hearing a possible Weber for Doughty trade which may also involve some other key pieces going each way.  Dustin Brown is in play here.  So is David Legwand.  A trade could happen as soon as Saturday.  Teams love doing deals on the weekend because no one ever goes on the internet when the news breaks.  It makes things much easier for all those who are involved.  Stay tuned...P3

Ever since the Stanley Cup Final was over, Roberto Luongo has been in play all over the league.  Dave Nonis is willing to take just about anything to be rid of Luongo.  I am hearing the Sens have serious interest and could be trading Spezza.  The Oilers are also in on Spezza.  Hemsky could be traded but with Cogliano being moved, I am now hearing that they would like to add a star player to compliment Taylor Hall.  Tyler Seguin could be moved from the Bruins because he is not getting enough playing time in Boston.  Chiarelli is very scared when Seguin's contract is up years from now.  Just like Stamkos in Tampa.  His 5 year deal basically wrote him a one way ticket out of Tampa.  Seguin for Hemsky makes perfect sense for both sides.  P2

Tampa still wants to trade Stamkos.  The Flyers are the frontrunners here and Yzerman really likes Claude Giroux.  Giroux is that once in a lifetime player which all coaches can only dream about.  Stamkos for Giroux could happen as soon as Monday.  I am also hearing that Chris Pronger is personally calling and texting Stamkos and that the 2 have grown very close this summer.  Pronger even named his parrot STAMMER.  It just seems like a match made in heaven here. Stamkos would easily score 100 goals playing with Van Rymsdyk.  P4

Brian Burke has been burning up the phone lines all summer and I am told to expect 1 if not 2 major blockbuster trades before Training Camp starts.  The Leafs desperately need a number one centre as they see Tim Connolly as more of a #2 guy.  I am hearing Joe Thornton could be traded for the right price.  The Leafs are willing to give up Kadri and Schenn. The holdup right now is that Schenn is a RFA.  Once he is signed, we could see Thornton headed to Toronto.  I am also hearing the Sharks may include Patrick Marleau but the Leafs would have to give up Phaneuf.  You never know here folks.  Where there is smoke, there is fire.  P1

Some quick hit BS rumours...

Chara to Jets P4, Leafs P3, Sens P2, Isles P1
Kovalchuk to Habs P4, Sabres P3, Panthers P2, Oilers P1
Datsyuk to Avs P4, Pens P3, Flames P2, Wild P1
Iginla to Leafs P4, Habs P3, Flyers P2, Rangers P1
Kopitar to Sharks P4, Leafs P3, Habs P2, Blue Jackets P1